Sun. May 17th, 2020

What Is Insomnia and what are the types of insomnia

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A condition in which you have problem of falling or not able to sleep is called insomnia. This is a depending condition like how often it occurs and how long it is. In the condition of insomnia some having problem falling asleep and some may fall asleep easily but wake up early and some peoples having problem of both. The resultant means that due to insomnia you don’t able to get your full sleep and you are not getting fresh after your sleep.

Types of Insomnia

There are 3 types of insomnia which are transient, acute and chronic insomnia. These types are categorized by the length of time you have insomnia and every type having its own properties and caused which need to be treated. If you have very short time of insomnia problem and you don’t treated then it may turn toward long term problem and become complex in nature.

In Transient insomnia the sleep disorder for a short terms or long. In most events the transient insomnia occurs in a specific situation. The stress is the most common caused for this insomnia, As the stress tend to lead many types of disturbance which further prevent rest. When the stress get relief, peoples can be sleep to theirs normal pattern.

The other causes of transient insomnia are

(a)     Temporary illness or injury and too much pain after injury  are the causes short term sleep problem. When the condition get batter then its easy to sleep in normal as before.

(b)     Change is sleep environment.

In Acute insomnia duration is less then three months. In such type of insomnia you have problem of sleep and when you sleep, you don’t find any freshness.

In Chronic insomnia is the long term insomnia and peoples having problem to sleep 3 nights a week for one month and the depression is the most common caused of chronic insomnia. Certain behavioral techniques and the medicine are the best treatment for chronic insomnia. The causes of chronic insomnia are as follows:-

(a)     Complexity falling asleep

(b)     Often waking at night and difficulty going back to sleep

(c)     Wake up too early.

(d)     Un-refreshed Feeling upon waking.