Mon. May 25th, 2020

Is Surrogacy Legal?

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Surrogacy is a process in which woman carry a child or give birth to a child for another woman or couple. It is a process in which the spermatozoon of intended father is fertilized with surrogate mother in order to make the possibility of pregnancy.

Being parent is everyone’s dream and it is well known that being a mother or father is the only sign of completion for a perfect family. But many couples struggle with the trauma of infertility today and the main reason behind it is the inability of either women or men. Various options are available for these couples like orphanage, artificial insemination and a medical way of test tube baby is also available for such type of cases. However surrogacy is one of the unique and most preferred treatment option through which any one can become biological father or mother.

Surrogacy is of mainly two type commercial surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. In traditional surrogacy, mother uses her own egg and the sperm is introduced via artificial insemination. In this the woman who carries the baby may be the genetic mother of that child. On the other hand, commercial surrogacy also known as gestational surrogacy is when surrogate mother carries the egg/sperm of the intended mother or father. It is done with the help of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and is considered to be commercial because the pregnant woman receives the compensation other than medical costs and reasonable expenses.

Surrogacy is legally accepted in many countries mainly commercial surrogacy and is totally approved by the government in many parts of the world because renting womb or earning by womb is not a bad kind of thing in modern world. Many women come in light and ready to rent their womb or carry child to help infertile couples in all over the world. Before owing a womb of surrogate mother, it needs to sign a legal contract between surrogate mother and proposed parents because sometimes it becomes very difficult due to emotional attachment of surrogate mother to give her child and creates difficulty for both of them.

It’s true that Surrogacy law gave a new dimension and hope to those parents who wish to have own baby in their hands but we can’t deny the fact that this procedure is very expensive and risky. With the help of IVF treatment where the egg/sperm of intended mother and father are completely fertilized in the laboratory and then fixed on uterus of surrogate mothers makes this procedure less complicated and when it comes to have a little angel in your hand, no need to worry about the costs as well.