Basics For Giving a Relaxing Massage to Your Partner at Home

Basics For Giving a Relaxing Massage to Your Partner at Home

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Why not relax with a good massage

Before continuing, do not forget the second episode of this massage series: How to give a relaxing leg massage to your partner.

Massage is one of the most ancient methods of physical and mental relaxation. In the society in which it has touched us to live it is habitual that there is not time almost nor to breathe, much less to relax daily. A simple and gentle massage when arriving home after a tiring day may be the ideal way to relieve the physical stresses of the daily bustle, but also to disconnect and seize the moment to clear the mind.

Basics For Giving a Relaxing Massage to Your Partner at Home

The intention of this text is to give some very basic notions about what needs to be done to give a relaxing massage but, above all, to be clear what not to do. It’s not about getting masseuses reading this, but simply looking for a nice way to relax as a couple.

Massage Preparation

The important thing here is not the massage itself, but the relaxation situation we created around the massage. Therefore it is important that the environment is quiet, pleasant, without distractions. It would be ideal to use soft lighting and very relaxing music. Better be instrumental, since the voice could distract, although this is to everyone’s liking.

Place everything we need by hand: towels, napkins, creams, oil. It would be great to leave the phone unplugged. If we can not make a total disconnection, better that the mobiles and home phone are close, so we do not have to go very far if we interrupt a call. Maintain a pleasant temperature in the room, taking into account that the person receiving the massage may have a greater sensation of cold than who gives it.


For massage we will need elements such as towels to cover the areas that we are not massaging and avoid the cold sensation, napkins to clean excess cream or oil and, according to our preference, massage cream or oil. The cream can be any type of moisturizer (body milk). It has the advantage that it is easy to dose, does not stain too much and is absorbed by the skin with ease. The oil is comfortable to massage because it is absorbed more slowly, with which you can use very little to cover a very wide area. However, it is more slippery, more stain and it is easier to go over and apply too much so that little-started hands will slide excessively and can not perform well man-oeuvres. My advice is to start using cream and leave the oil for later when you have more practice (although each can use what suits you).


We will focus on the cervical region and shoulders, where overloads occur frequently due to daily fatigue. For a massage at home, although there will be the temptation to do it lying down, I recommend that you be seated. Lying down is going to be nice for the person who receives the massage (if you use cushions to achieve a comfortable posture to lie down). It is easier to disconnect and escape, but it will be an uncomfortable position for the masseur, who will end up being the one who needs a massage. I think it’s best to start by doing the massage sitting in front of a table. The chair should be comfortable and fixed (no wheels), with low backrest to allow the masseur to access the back and neck. The same massage to relax at home can be done via a zero gravity massage chair, it would cost you around a few thousand dollars but you’d not ever need a massage parlor. Use pillows, cushions and whatever it takes to achieve a nice position. Whoever receives the massage should try the stance for a few minutes to make sure it is really comfortable. There are postures that seem comfortable but they tire in a few minutes. This must be avoided. I’d recommend you an inada sogno dreamwave massage chair for your home, it’s a lifetime investment of $8k but that chair worth that price.

Massage Technique

Explaining the technique is complicated. There are those who have more skill naturally, and some are more clumsy. Practice is what gives mastery, so there is more to get to work and practice. Here are a few


There are those who tend to use only the tips of the fingers, which is exhausting and unpleasant. Use the whole hand to apply the manoeuvres.

Help with body movement to direct manoeuvres. Using only the musculature of the hands and arms is exhausting, you have to learn to distribute the effort and help yourself of the impulse of the body and the legs. It is another of the things that you learn from practice.


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