10 Tips to Get The Most Out Of a Massage

By itself, the word massage is related to wellbeing and who more but less links it with a moment of authentic relaxation. Even more when the holidays return, when we can prolong the summer enjoying a pleasant moment that makes us evade us for at least an hour of the routine that is still there when the days of rest are over. But, yes, to fully enjoy the massage, you have to take into account a series of tips that can be very useful.

Before the massage, try to avoid eating copious meals. If you are going to eat something, better at least an hour before, because it is not advisable to go with the stomach too full, when you are doing the digestion. You should not drink alcohol or other stimulants.

10 Tips to Get The Most Out Of a Massage

Go to your center five minutes before the scheduled time, to have time to relax and get the idea that you will enjoy a time dedicated exclusively to yourself.Wear comfortable clothes, which can be easily detached and, before treatments, keep earrings, chains, bracelets and watch.

It is advisable to go to the bathroom before starting the session.

Do not be afraid to be naked during treatments or massages. Quality centers provide disposable panties. Also, do not hesitate to explain that you feel uncomfortable without clothes: your esthetician will understand perfectly. During the massage, you can cover yourself with a towel, and will only uncover the areas to be treated, so you will never feel completely naked. The beautician should leave the room while undressing, and wait for you to give permission for it before entering again.

During the session, it is imperative that you feel comfortable. Therefore, do not hesitate to advise the therapist if you do not feel comfortable for any reason – for the temperature of the room, because the masseur speaks too much, for the noise, etcetera.

10 Tips to Get The Most Out Of a Massage

Although it usually happens in therapeutic massages, also in relaxing massages sometimes, when manipulating certain zones you can feel some pain. It is advisable to communicate it to the therapist if it is excessive.Many treatments can mess up the hair root and / or alter makeup: ask about it if you should go to an important appointment later.

Surely it will be indicated by the masseuse, but in case he does not do it, do not forget that, at the end of the session, it is not advisable to incorporate abruptly, because it can become dizzy. The ideal is to be three or four minutes relaxed, and incorporated later progressively.

After the massage, you may feel some pain, tiredness or drowsiness. Usually, it is normal since it is a response of the body to the techniques of massage. If you notice that it persists, it is advisable to communicate it to the therapist.

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