Basics For Giving a Relaxing Massage to Your Partner at Home

Basics For Giving a Relaxing Massage to Your Partner at Home

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Why not relax with a good massage

Before continuing, do not forget the second episode of this massage series: How to give a relaxing leg massage to your partner.

Massage is one of the most ancient methods of physical and mental relaxation. In the society in which it has touched us to live it is habitual that there is not time almost nor to breathe, much less to relax daily. A simple and gentle massage when arriving home after a tiring day may be the ideal way to relieve the physical stresses of the daily bustle, but also to disconnect and seize the moment to clear the mind.

Basics For Giving a Relaxing Massage to Your Partner at Home

The intention of this text is to give some very basic notions about what needs to be done to give a relaxing massage but, above all, to be clear what not to do. It’s not about getting masseuses reading this, but simply looking for a nice way to relax as a couple.

Massage Preparation

The important thing here is not the massage itself, but the relaxation situation we created around the massage. Therefore it is important that the environment is quiet, pleasant, without distractions. It would be ideal to use soft lighting and very relaxing music. Better be instrumental, since the voice could distract, although this is to everyone’s liking.

Place everything we need by hand: towels, napkins, creams, oil. It would be great to leave the phone unplugged. If we can not make a total disconnection, better that the mobiles and home phone are close, so we do not have to go very far if we interrupt a call. Maintain a pleasant temperature in the room, taking into account that the person receiving the massage may have a greater sensation of cold than who gives it.


For massage we will need elements such as towels to cover the areas that we are not massaging and avoid the cold sensation, napkins to clean excess cream or oil and, according to our preference, massage cream or oil. The cream can be any type of moisturizer (body milk). It has the advantage that it is easy to dose, does not stain too much and is absorbed by the skin with ease. The oil is comfortable to massage because it is absorbed more slowly, with which you can use very little to cover a very wide area. However, it is more slippery, more stain and it is easier to go over and apply too much so that little-started hands will slide excessively and can not perform well man-oeuvres. My advice is to start using cream and leave the oil for later when you have more practice (although each can use what suits you).


We will focus on the cervical region and shoulders, where overloads occur frequently due to daily fatigue. For a massage at home, although there will be the temptation to do it lying down, I recommend that you be seated. Lying down is going to be nice for the person who receives the massage (if you use cushions to achieve a comfortable posture to lie down). It is easier to disconnect and escape, but it will be an uncomfortable position for the masseur, who will end up being the one who needs a massage. I think it’s best to start by doing the massage sitting in front of a table. The chair should be comfortable and fixed (no wheels), with low backrest to allow the masseur to access the back and neck. The same massage to relax at home can be done via a zero gravity massage chair, it would cost you around a few thousand dollars but you’d not ever need a massage parlor. Use pillows, cushions and whatever it takes to achieve a nice position. Whoever receives the massage should try the stance for a few minutes to make sure it is really comfortable. There are postures that seem comfortable but they tire in a few minutes. This must be avoided. I’d recommend you an inada sogno dreamwave massage chair for your home, it’s a lifetime investment of $8k but that chair worth that price.

Massage Technique

Explaining the technique is complicated. There are those who have more skill naturally, and some are more clumsy. Practice is what gives mastery, so there is more to get to work and practice. Here are a few


There are those who tend to use only the tips of the fingers, which is exhausting and unpleasant. Use the whole hand to apply the manoeuvres.

Help with body movement to direct manoeuvres. Using only the musculature of the hands and arms is exhausting, you have to learn to distribute the effort and help yourself of the impulse of the body and the legs. It is another of the things that you learn from practice.


10 Tips to Get The Most Out Of a Massage

By itself, the word massage is related to wellbeing and who more but less links it with a moment of authentic relaxation. Even more when the holidays return, when we can prolong the summer enjoying a pleasant moment that makes us evade us for at least an hour of the routine that is still there when the days of rest are over. But, yes, to fully enjoy the massage, you have to take into account a series of tips that can be very useful.

Before the massage, try to avoid eating copious meals. If you are going to eat something, better at least an hour before, because it is not advisable to go with the stomach too full, when you are doing the digestion. You should not drink alcohol or other stimulants.

10 Tips to Get The Most Out Of a Massage

Go to your center five minutes before the scheduled time, to have time to relax and get the idea that you will enjoy a time dedicated exclusively to yourself.Wear comfortable clothes, which can be easily detached and, before treatments, keep earrings, chains, bracelets and watch.

It is advisable to go to the bathroom before starting the session.

Do not be afraid to be naked during treatments or massages. Quality centers provide disposable panties. Also, do not hesitate to explain that you feel uncomfortable without clothes: your esthetician will understand perfectly. During the massage, you can cover yourself with a towel, and will only uncover the areas to be treated, so you will never feel completely naked. The beautician should leave the room while undressing, and wait for you to give permission for it before entering again.

During the session, it is imperative that you feel comfortable. Therefore, do not hesitate to advise the therapist if you do not feel comfortable for any reason – for the temperature of the room, because the masseur speaks too much, for the noise, etcetera.

10 Tips to Get The Most Out Of a Massage

Although it usually happens in therapeutic massages, also in relaxing massages sometimes, when manipulating certain zones you can feel some pain. It is advisable to communicate it to the therapist if it is excessive.Many treatments can mess up the hair root and / or alter makeup: ask about it if you should go to an important appointment later.

Surely it will be indicated by the masseuse, but in case he does not do it, do not forget that, at the end of the session, it is not advisable to incorporate abruptly, because it can become dizzy. The ideal is to be three or four minutes relaxed, and incorporated later progressively.

After the massage, you may feel some pain, tiredness or drowsiness. Usually, it is normal since it is a response of the body to the techniques of massage. If you notice that it persists, it is advisable to communicate it to the therapist.

7 Tips to Improve Your Massage

When we massage someone, we are able to provide health, well-being and quality of life with our hands in a few minutes. Receiving a good massage can transform our day. But some simple details can make a big difference in the quality of our massage.

# 1 Remove all metals from the body

Since massage works both in the physical field and in the field of well-being and energy, it is essential that both the person receiving the massage and the person who is giving the massage remove the watches, bracelets and rings.In addition to improving your massage, not carrying these items will prevent you from hurting the client by any distraction or lack of care during any of the maneuvers.

Care of the nails to massage # 2 Eye with the nails

For some of our readers of our blog, this advice may seem a bit difficult. However, it is extremely important to be very careful with the length of the nails, because if you distract yourself during the massage (we do not expect that to happen!) The nails can hurt the person receiving the massage. So short and carefully trimmed nails are essential for both women and men masseurs who want to give a good massage.

# 3 Perform the massage in a suitable place

As we well know, one of the main reasons why people demand massages is their power of relaxation. Therefore, the place where you perform the massage should be quiet and cozy, free of noises and distractions, both for you and the person receiving the massage.

Massage oil # 4 Cream or massage oil?

This is a very personal matter, because while some like to use massage cream for a better hands slip, others prefer to use vegetable oils with the help of essential oils (usually used to tackle the work of pathologies).What is important is that under no circumstances do you use body moisturizer because they often contain petroleum derivatives and can cause allergy in the person receiving the massage. In addition, this type of cream is easily absorbed by the skin and will not help you to make the slides and pass correctly during the massage.

7 Tips to Improve Your Massage

# 5 Attention to the ambient music

We all like pretty music, do not we? During massage, music has the power to contribute to relaxation. However, music for massage should be only instrumental, that is, you should not have voices to sing, as that can distract your client or make you mentally distracting yourself by humming the song.Relaxing music for massage We, therefore, enjoy yoga music and relaxation, as they are very suitable for massage.

You can ask your client what he prefers. Many people like to listen to songs with sounds of nature during the massage session. Ideally, in this case, is to know if the person who receives the massage likes that kind of music because there are people who after 1 minute of listening to the song of a bird or the sound of a waterfall, is irritated and can not relax .

# 6 Beware of the hands

In addition to being careful about the size of the nails, as we have already indicated, it is important to wash your hands before doing the massage, since besides having a hygienic sense, it is a practice of respect towards the other person.Also, before touching the person receiving the massage, warm yourself by rubbing against each other. That way, when touching your user, you will not feel any discomfort.

# 7 Focus on your customer

Course-chiromassage-1-CIM-Training It may seem obvious or silly, but this is one of the main tips we can give you to improve your massage!When you are giving a massage and paying attention to every detail, especially the person receiving the massage, we perceive when the pressure is adequate, what part of the body that person likes more than we massage, which one feels more uncomfortable, etc.

How To Remove Cyber Crime Unit Virus

How To Remove Cyber Crime Unit Virus

How To Remove Cyber Crime Unit Virus

How to remove Cyber Crime Unit virus? Use our four working removal methods. When you are working on the computer, you see a big alert on the computer screen telling you your computer is blocked “Attention! Your computer has been blocked up for safety reasons”.

Because you downloaded illegal downloads or have seen sexual content, sending spam, or making viruses. You are infected with the Cyber Crime Unit virus also called the “Urausy Trojan.”
Your computer is not blocked by your local police department but because of cyber criminals that try to let you pay 100 euros, 100 dollar, 300 dollar, 100 pounds using Ukash or Paysafecard for an activity that you didn’t do. Please do never pay the penalty they ask for and follow our working removal instruction using one of our four methods to detect and remove the Cyber Crime Unit virus from your computer, working on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The Cyber Crime Unit virus is distributed through several means.

By email, the cybercriminals sent out spam email with attachments to trick computer users into opening the attachment. Once you open the attachment, you will install the ransomware, or you are being redirected to a malicious website. This website can either be hacked or be set up to infect computer users by adding an exploit kit to the source of the website. This exploit kit will test your computer and browser for known bugs and tries to exploit them. If successful the ransomware virus will installed on your Windows computer system.

Cybercriminals do also pack their virus with free downloads such as cracks, serials, key generators or patches. They spread this malicious software through binaries, torrents or p2p sharing software. If you open the malicious file, their virus packed or bundled with the software is also executed and installed on your Windows computer system.

Another tricky method these cyber criminals use is social engineering. They redirect the computer user to a malicious website which tells you to update or install the newest version of java, pdf reader, acrobat reader or the flash player. Once you install these so called newest versions, you are infected with this ransomware virus.

After being infected with the ransomware virus, you are presented with a lock screen with a bogus message. This lock screen will open after logging on to Windows, in normal Windows mode but also in Windows Safe mode with networking.

This lock screen covers the entire desktop and demands payment for the so-called “crime.” Do never pay the fine they ask for and remove the virus using one of our methods we supplied to detect and remove the ransomware virus successfully. These methods are tested and working with free anti-malware detection and removal software.

Please choose your method to identify and remove Cyber Crime Unit virus please note: usbUSB Stick is required, also make sure there is no password on the USB-stick. Download HitmanPRO Anti-Malware Scanner (Free) Choose the 32-bit or 64-bit version. If you don’t know which one to take, download the 32-bit version. Save the HitmanPro.exe or HitmanPro_x64.exe to your Windows Desktop.

Hold the left CTRL button pressed then click the mouse button on HitmanPro.exe of HitmanPro_x64.exe. If UAC (User Account Control) asks you to change system settings, choose yes (Still holding the left CTRL button on your keyboard!) HitmanPRO is now started in ‘Forced Breach-mode’ and has closed active malware processes. You can also check this guide on how to remove dns unlocker to destroy this adware virus.

This allows us to keep using HitmanPRO while scanning for malware, so it can’t be closed by malware-processes. To create the HitmanPRO Kickstart USB stick, click the ‘Flying man’ iconNow plug-in your USB Stick, it will auto-detect when inserted click on your USB Stick when it appears in the box. Click the ‘Install Kickstart’ button. All data on the USB Stick will be deleted, confirm with ‘Yes.’

Method 2:

Plugin your USB Stick in your infected computer.

Remove CD/DVD’s USB Sticks from your computer, and restart the computer.

Tap the F8 Key until the boot screen appears (tap it before Windows loading screen appears)

Select ‘Safe Mode with Networking.’

When Windows is started in Safe-Mode with Networking perform a malware scan with MalwareBytes AntiMalware. You can download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and perform a malware scan to remove Cyber Crime Unit virus.

Install MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, click right mouse button on the executable and choose ‘Run as Administrator’ (Windows 7 or Windows Vista)

Choose ‘Perform Quick scan.’

When the scan is done, select all found malicious files and click the button ‘Remove selected

Restart the computer if prompt to do so.

When back in Normal Windows, perform another full scan to make sure there is no malware left on the computer. Reboot your infected computer

Method 3

Before the Windows loading screen, tap the F8 key (do not hold the F8 key)

Choose: Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Windows start loading system files; please wait

Command-prompt will be shown (cmd.exe)

In Command prompt type (Windows 7): rstrui.exePlease note Windows XP users type: %windir%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe

Windows System Restore will start.

Choose Next button to continue restoring the computer to a previous state. Choose your restore point in time (make sure the date is before you had any problems with your computer!) and press Next. If there is no point in time to restore to click Cancel, then Reboot and go to Method 2 in this instruction.

Confirm by clicking Yes and wait. Windows will now be restored to a previous state.

Method 4:

Why Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10?
From experience I have gained by removing the Cyber Crime Unit virus among customers, the last year I know that USB boot devices with software as the HitmanPro work very well, but not everyone has an option available to start via USB in the BIOS. The BIOS often does not support this; we see this mainly in computers still use Windows XP as the operating system. With Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 have this obstacle, and you can not completely remove the virus from the police computer, you need the following: An infected computer / laptop (possibly from a friend / relative) with CD burner.

A blank CDAn active internet connection on the cable! Note: You will need the cable with DHCP configuration an internet connection. The computer should connect automatically from the router / modem. An IP address this is necessary because otherwise, the Kaspersky Rescue Disk can not update and then probably not produce the desired results. Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk and burn to CD

How do I set the BIOS to boot from CD?

To start the PC CD / DVD-ROM should be your CD / DVD drive as the first boot device set in the BIOS. In this how to you can see how you do that.
You enter the BIOS by pressing a specific key. During the starting phase What is this key depends on the type of BIOS, but the most common are the Del and F2 keys. What is it you can see the first screen that appears on the PC and the switch it on. Often something like Press Del to enter Setup.
If all goes well, you end up a screen as shown. Please note, there are various types and brands, which also look different. Below is an AMI BIOS. If you have an Award BIOS, you will find the boot options under Advanced BIOS Features.
Use the arrow keys to the Boot tab and press Enter. Here we go change the boot order.
Select using the arrow keys, select Boot Device Priority, and press Enter.
Now select 1st boot device and press Enter. You will see the available devices.
Select CD ROM and press Enter.
To save the new configuration, press the F10 key, followed by entering.
The BIOS will now save the new settings and the PC restarts. The PC is now ready to start. The CD / DVD-ROM


Place your just burned Kaspersky Rescue Disk in the CD-ROM drive of the infected computer.

And restart the infected computer

Click on a button within 10 seconds to continue.

Select “English” and click Enter

Click the ’1 ‘key to accept and continue.

Choose ‘Kaspersky Rescue Disk. Graphic Mode “and click Enter

On the left choose “Kaspersky Rescue Disk”, the following window appears

Click on ‘My Update Center’ and then ‘Start Update’ the ‘traffic light’ right after the update will be in green. .After it is green, the Kaspersky Virus Scanner updated with the latest virus definitions.

Click on ‘Scan Objects’

Put a check on all drives and objects, you can scan sectors

Click on ‘Start Scan Objects’

If malware is found, you can choose “Delete (recommended) ‘,’ Skip ‘or’ Disinfection ‘I advise you to choose’Delete ‘.

When the scan is finished you can close completely and remove the CD from the CD-ROM drive.

Start the computer Found by keyword: HITMAN RANSOMWARE REMOVAL; Attention! Your computer has been blocked up for safety reasons, Cyber Crime Unit virus, FCCU virus.
The instructions we supply are completely free and we do not request any money in exchange for our services.